When you’re having a bad hair day

When you’re having a bad hair day Having a bad hair day can totally change your perspective. For example, women with long curly hair have it rough when the weather is wet. Thank God for the hair products and for the internet! You can search so many useful tips about how to handle your type of hair, talk and discuss with others about different types of hair products and also…

You can search images of other people having a bad hair day, to make you realize that your mane isn’t as bad as theirs.

when you're having a bad hair day

but why

they call me wolverine

why a cap when i can make one with my own hair

don't hate coz you ain't me

And another thing that helps us greatly, is to accept ourselves. Perhaps we don’t have the hair that models displays on the ads we see on tv, or we cannot afford the hair products that would help our hair, but one thing is certain: Someone out there wish they had your hair.

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