When you text your crush

When you text your crush Texting nowadays can be so stressing. You don’t want to look desperate but you also want them to know that you’re interested in them (at some level at least). It would be great if things were easier and being honest about our feelings was simple, but it isn’t.

Thing is, texting your crush and having butterflies make a mess in your belly it’s kinda great. I love feeling that, because it makes me happy. What I don’t like is feeling so anxious about their answer. When did they saw my message? Why is it taking them so long to text me back? Am I comming off too strong? It’s just never ends.

when you text your crush

awkward penguing text

i love it

never trust someone who never texts you back

texting your crush

And it doesn’t help that I’m the most awkward person in the planet.

But hey! at least I’m trying and enjoying life. I’ll have some awesome love stories for my grandchildren when I get older, that’s for sure.

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