Things to be happy about

Things to be happy about

When we’re feeling down or upset, it’s quite difficult for us to find reasons to be happy about. Even seeing other people happy can make us feel angry. But just for a second, let’s try to separate our problems from our feelings. Let’s think things with a clear head and try to remember what we have that makes us happy.

Do you have a friend who always listen to your problems? If you do, you definetely should count that as one of your blessings. A friend who always is there to lend us a ear and pay attention to what we have to say, is something amazing.

Do you have a family? a bed? food? a place to live?… Do you have what you need for each day?



You see, we humans don’t need many things to live. We only need food, air, and clothes. But God gives us more than what we actually need. Sadly, we get angry at everything when we’re feeling upset and that makes us lose focus.

It’s difficult to take a minute and count our blessings, but it’s something that we all should do. Once we think of them, not only we feel more grateful for what we have, but we’ll be able to find our happiness.

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