Sad and romantic love quotes

Sad and romantic love quotes Missing a person you love is terrible, no questions asked. And it’s during those times, that we question life. It may seem like a bad thing but, in life in order to move on we need to ask ourselves what are we doing and where are we going. We must re-evaluate and from that, decide what are we going to do.

Being and feeling sad is not a bad thing. On the contrary, our feelings and emotions have the power to motivate us and give us a push when we need one. We can’t force ourselves to be happy the entire time. By this I’m not trying to say that we should make ourselves feel miserable. What I’m trying to say is that, we can transform something negative into something beautiful.

Miss You Quotes And Sayings

be your own hero

painful goodbyes

time slows down without you

strength to go on

And one last piece of advice, if you’re missing someone you’ll probably have more free time. Use it in things that keep you busy. Use that time to learn something. Do something for yourself, and next thing you know the pain will start to fade away.

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