Quotes u can use to say goodbye

Quotes u can use to say goodbye Bye, aurevoir, arrivederci, adiĆ³s… it’s just a word but behind it, there’s such a big meaning. It’s true that you can say it in so many different languages and ways, but sometimes it’s saying goodbye is easy but to actually take action and never see that other person, is the hardest part.

Maybe because you loved that person, or maybe because that person wasn’t right for you…. Which is why today we’d like to share with you this quotes. They might give you some idea or the push that you need, to say goodbye to that person or to how to deal with that phase of your relationship with them.

quotes u can use to say goodbye

goodbyes are not the end

i won't say goodbye

say goodbye to your past and hello to your future

where is the fun in living then

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