Quotes to keep you going through tough times

Quotes to keep you going through tough times

One time, my best friend told me to “Cheer up” and I totally lost it and… I’m ashamed for not being capable of controling myself. But the truth is, that we often make mistakes… We do things we don’t want to but we break under pressure. There are also those tough times that we feel that we will never find the exit to our problems.

And we cry, we yell at others, we question our existence and we doubt that we will ever feel happiness again. And that’s part of the “mourning” process. If we don’t have questions that we need to answer, then… What’s the point? Don’t feel ashamed for doubting yourself. You’re human, it’s only natural. What’s important to keep in mind during those tough times that you think that there is no direction… Is to do your best to keep a positive attitude. Don’t let negativity win the battle.

quotes to keep you going through tough times

sometimes we need to break before we shine

those who stick with you through hard times are your real friends

you can and you will

you have to fight

We believe that you can find the right path!

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