Quotes to help you control your anger

Quotes to help you control your anger Who hasn’t felt anger in their lives? We can all agree that every human in this planet has experienced it. Feeling it is a part of our lives but the real problem is when our anger takes control of what we do, what we feel and how we act.

Does an emotion deserves all that power? To answer that question, first let’s think about this: How many times had you seen or read in the news of bad things, that occurred to someone innocent because someone else wasn’t able to control their anger? Lots of times, right?

We know that this quotes might sound pretty but, if we meditate in their words and try to win the battle agaisnt our anger, we can win and not only protect ourselves from taking bad decisions when we feel angry, but also we’ll be able to protect our loved ones and our relationships with them.

quotes to help you control your anger

you decide how to use your anger

don't let others control you

don't let tensions control your life

don't take your anger on others

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