Quotes that help you stay positive and relaxed

Quotes that help you stay positive and relaxed

Has anyone ever told you to calm down and that made you feel more upset? Let me tell you that you’re not the only one. I guess sometimes, our friends, partner or family are out of words and don’t really know how to handle the situation. But it also doesn’t give us the right to be mean towards them, after all they’re trying their best to help us out.

Whenever I try to calm down, I think about things that I like or eat something that I consider delicious. I also tell to myself that I cannot become a victim of my own feelings and that I have to overcome them. After all, strong people are not measured by how much they express their anger. You can tell a person is strong by how they control themselves when they feel angry.

Quotes that help you stay positive and relaxed

remember how blessed you are

the less you respond to negative people the calmer you'll feel

trust the process

it's ok bro i understand

So, next time someone tells you to calm down try to listen to them. Doing things while being angry will only bring you troubles that are not worth it.

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