Quotes about losing someone to death

Quotes about losing someone to death The death of a person we love is the most devastating experience in life. We’re never ready for that and we will never be. Truth is, I’ve just lost someone and I still can’t process what’s going on.

Suddenly, happy memories rush to my mind… Sadness invades my heart and I can’t see clearly because of the tears. I cry and I cry and I cry. I guess that one of my biggest problems is that I’m not someone who easily talks about how I feel. I have this tendency of keeping things for myself, and that’s why I suffer. So my advice to you, if you’re going through this horrible experience, talk to someone. Don’t bottle up your feelings and pretend to be strong. It doesn’t work and at the end, you’ll just harm yourself.

At the end, I gathered some courage and managed to speak with my mother about how I felt. At first I couldn’t talk, but my dog rushed to my side like if she was encouraging me to talk… and I’m so happy that she did. I was finally able to express how I felt.

quotes about losing someone to death

better tell them while you can

journey of grief

losing someone is the hardest thing to accept remembering you you'll learn to live again

If you recently lost someone, please accept my condolences. Life will never be the same but, eventually you’ll learn to manage the pain. The memories will become a beautiful treasure. Time will help.

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