Positive quotes when dealing with illness

Positive quotes when dealing with illness

We all have to deal with illness… It’s a sad reality. It can be because of a relative, a friend or even us. It’s during those difficult times, that we feel that we need strenght but sometimes we don’t know from where are we going to acquire it.

It’s practically impossible to look on the bright side. We often feel that we hate the people that talks about being positive but… That’s the moment in which we have to stop and ask ourselves. What are we gaining from complaining? Maybe the only positive thing that can come from it, is that we vent our anger. But other thing than that, it’s pretty much not useful. That’s why I decided to create this post. To help you find words and thoughts of encouragment.

Positive quotes when dealing with illness

tough times don't last

what being strong really means

don't lose hope

even illness becomes wellness

If you’re sick remember this: Live one day at a time. Enjoy the things that you can do and, try to not thinking too much in those that you can’t.

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