Pics of celebrities then and now to share

Pics of celebrities then and now to share

The pass of time is always cruel. But from my humble perspective, aging is not a bad thing. We’re all going to get older eventually, wrinkles will appear… we’re going to lose our adorable baby face, some are even going to lose their hair and you know what? THAT’S LIFE.

It’s true that it can be frustrating, but can you imagine what it feels like for this celebrities? Certainly, some of them had it more rough than others. Sadly, some celebrities are too extreme with plastic surgeries that with that, you’re not capable of recognizing them.

Pics of celebrities then and now to share

reene zeelleweger


doris roberts

mccaulay culkin

This post has not been created to mock the celebrities above. On the contrary, I think it’s perfectly normal… That some of them look so different. Some actors decide to go under extreme circunstances in order to get a role, while others do it because they don’t feel good about themselves. And who am I to judge that?

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