Phrases that helps us understand more about love

Phrases that helps us understand more about love Whenever I think about easy ways to describe love or to give a proper defintion… I honestly cannot come up with an easy answer. Love is so many things. When you truly love someone, even their hobbies become interesting to you. You can hear that person talk and talk about their problems, their dreams and hopes… And you don’t feel bored, on the contrary. You feel the need to know more about them.

All of that and many things more have helped me to understand more about love. I know understand that love is about making your partner happy. In other words and quoting from Joey Tribbiani and his famous love speach from the show FRIENDS: “It is a love based of giving and receiving as well as having and sharing”

That’s love baby.

Phrases that helps us understand more about love

they want you no matter what

when you love someone accept their past and leave it there

i just want to listen your heart beat

love is when you can't even describe how you feel

I hope you liked this post! Now I feel like watching that episode from FRIENDS. That speach was gold!

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