Phrases about being moody

Phrases about being moody Being moody from time to time is perfectly normal. We cannot feel happy all the time (that would be fun… Maybe?). As humans, we’re able to feel so many things. It’s thanks to our feelings that we can either become a better person or simply, sink to our lowest.

But being the positive sucker that I am, I like to think that feelings can help us greatly. I guess that movie Inside-Out really made me think about how our feelings help us. For example: If we feel sad, someone will notice and try to help us or, if we notice that a friend is feeling sad, we’ll use emphaty to try to understand them and see what can we do.

In a way, our emotions and feelings are like a double edged sword. It all depends on how we decide to use them.

phrases about being moody

i am acting like i am okay

thanks for puting up with my mood

i am not a masochist

girl aren't moody

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