Painfully obvious facts to share

Painfully obvious facts to share Have you ever looked back and remembered the things you said in the past?… But, the REALLY BAD THINGS. Those painfully obvious things. I think we all have our moments in which we don’t sound smart.

And it’s not because we aren’t but, sometimes we say dumb things when we feel under pressure, stressed, or when we want to impress somebody. It’s like if our brain suddenly stops working correctly and the first thing that rushes to our mouth comes out.

When that happens to me, I try to laugh it off. What is done it’s done, and trying to cover my mistake won’t help me. Infact, sometimes it makes it worst. So, the best way that I’ve found to deal with those type of situations, is to laugh at myself.

painfully obvious facts to share

where batman's name came from

burn calories

do not breath under water

obvious facts

And don’t feel bad when you say something silly. Accidents happens. We have to learn to laugh at our mistakes. Once we do that, it’s going to be so much easier to move on.

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