How to forget about someone?

How to forget about someone?

I’m pretty sure that at some point in our lives we’ve all asked ourselves that question. We wish there was some magical formula to do so… But sadly, it’s not that easy. What worked for others, might not work for us.

One thing is sure. If others had managed to move on with their lives and find happiness, so can we.

What helped me to move on with my life, was keeping myself busy. I read books, went out with my friends, started jogging, played video games…. And one day, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling sad nor broken anymore. It happened naturally and it was an amazing feeling.



So, don’t pressure yourself. You’ll have good and bad days. Normal days… And days in which you’d like to punch someone in the face.

What’s important is, to not lose faith in yourself. If a relationship didn’t work… it simply didn’t. Sometimes, what we want is not the best for us. We just have to come to terms with ourselves and learn how to deal with dissapointment. Sounds harsh, but in this life we’re going to face several dissapointments. And it’s important that we learn how to deal with them because after all, that’s also a big part of moving on.

And remember this: You’ll be ok.

Tips for taking good care of your pets

Tips for taking good care of your pets

Having an animal companion in our lives, not only can help to imrpove our health. But also helps us deal with other type of problems. Depression, anxiety… And what’s best, is that can also help our little kids to be more responsable.

And if animals are capable of helping us become better humans, we must learn how to take good care of them too. It doesn’t matter if your pet is a cat or a dog, a snake or a bird. It’s important to get information of exactly what type of breed (in cats and dogs case) they are.

Another thing is to find a good Veterinary. Someone who is willing to teach you about your pet and provides information. It’s true that you can always use google, but sadly there are tons of people who don’t provide accurate information. Which is why, is important to find a good veterinary for your pet.



And the most important part, is to love them. Sometimes, we get super attached to our pets when they’re just babies. But once they get older and they can do the things they used to, we tend to forget about them. Please, don’t.

Treasure them. No matter their age.

Cute quotes to express how much you miss your SO

Cute quotes to express how much you miss your SO

Missing someone is mentally draining. It’s something that we honestly cannot control. We go out with friends, we’re thinking about that person, we’re watching t.v and we’re missing that special someone… It’s something that slowly, takes over our lives.

And like everything in life, it’s better to approach this matter straight-forward instead of acting like the problem isn’t really there or, expecting the other to make the first move. Wonder why I’m saying this? welp, because by taking action, we’re not only being pro-active but we’re also gaining control.

You miss someone? Tell them. What’s the worst it could happen? or better yet, what’s the best thing that could happen if you open up?

Cute quotes to express how much you miss your SO

i can't picture myself happy without you

i need you

i really need you

i want you for the rest of my life

Think about the positive possibilities. Most of the time, we’re drowing inside a glass of water and we lock our feelings. Let’s not harm ourselves and start being honest.

Touching quotes about life to keep a positive attitude

Touching quotes about life to keep a positive attitude

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in the last couple of days. I’ve been under lots of things. But I would never forget about this blog! This place is like an oasis to me. The reason is, because this is a space where I can try to share some tid bits of positivity with others, or things that can brighten our days.

This weekend has been incredibly devastating for alot of people. I’m sure that, if you follow the news you already know what I’m talking about. Quite frankly, it’s so difficult to approach such a delicate subject… Which is why, what I’m going to do is to share positive quotes with you.

Touching quotes about life to keep a positive attitude

being happy doesn't mean everything has to be perfect

just keep running

search the company of those who loves you for who you are

to be happy just remember what you still have

I’m sure that better times will come. Things cannot go on like this. I believe that one day, humans kind will stop hurting themselves and learn how to love one another.

Lovely pictures of kittens being adorable

Lovely pictures of kittens being adorable

I’ve been thinking about adopting a kitten. I read that the philosophy is quite similar to having a children. You need to provide proper care and training while they’re young. That will help them to be healthy and also well-adjusted adults.

One of the advices that I particulary have to agree with is that, you have to treat the kitten according to their age. The article explained that, just as a human infant posses different needs than a teenager, a kitten will have care requirements distinct from those of a fully matured cat.

Also, if you have a cat… and you’re a vegan, don’t push your diet on them. If you truly love your pet, you’ll let them eat what they need and what the vet tells you.

Lovely pictures of kittens being adorable




i'm a cutie and you know it

I’ve read way too many stories of vegans forcing their pets to become vegan like them.

Funny images to share with your friends on WhatsApp

Funny images to share with your friends on WhatsApp

Winter is comming… I MEAN, I MEAN! weekend. Ugh! I’m so excited for finally being able to sleep a good amount of hours. This week has been incredibly crazy! but then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s really nice to have lots of things to do, instead of just being there wasting my time doing nothing.

And since I’m 100% sure that I’m not the only feeling stressed, I wanted to share with you some funny images that you can share with your friends. My favorite is the one with the baby smirking haha he’s so cute! To be honest, all the babies in this post are adorable.

Funny images to share with your friends on WhatsApp

hey guuuuurl

last five minutos of the the exam

stay stong coz weekend is comming

don't stoooop be liiiieving

Well guys! I hope you’re having a good day. And if you’re not, try to stay positive. The weekend is almost here and hopefully, we’ll all have time to relax and watch some t.v.

Unflattering animal pictures that will brighten your day

Unflattering animal pictures that will brighten your day

Hello my dear readers! I know this post it’s really late but I had a very crazy and erratic day today. I apologize for not posting this one earlier, but I honestly didn’t have the time. In any case, I hope you guys had an amazing day.

For today I decied to post something to make you smile. Ever so often, my friends take unflattering pictures of me… And if they decide to post them on facebook or instagram, I’ve already warned them. I’m going to kick their butt!! LOL!!! Besides. We humans aren’t as funny and cute as animals. They can make a crazy or funny face and still can be considered as the most gorgeous creature in the planet.

Unflattering animal pictures that will brighten your day

derping cat

don't you think i'm pretty

i'm the prince of the woods

mid shake

Wish the same could be said about me. But oh well! nobody is perfect.

Hope you have a great night! Sleep well and see you tomorrow.

Quotes to inspire you to start a business to share and download

Quotes to inspire you to start a business to share and download

Yesterday I read a comment claiming that, your successful friends never make, write or share inspirational things with other people on social media websites. Now, I don’t know what type of people is the person who originality made that comment is associating with but, I’ve read thousand of things of REAL successfull people. To name a few: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others.

I often feel that people that makes those type of negative comments towards sharing positive stuff on the internet, are either really bitter or they’re simply content with the current events in their lives. But, it would be a mistake to let those type of comments to hold us back from having a positive attitude.

Quotes to inspire you to start a business to share and download

every acomplishment starts with a decision to give it a try

doubt kills more than learning from failure

to start a business you need the right motivation

the secret of success

TL;DR: To hell with the people who say that their successful friends don’t post positive or inspirational things on the internet. If you need a boost to start your bussiness, you have all the right to search for inspiration.

Phrases to help you express how much you miss your significant other

Phrases to help you express how much you miss your significant other

I think the first phrase from this post really fits my personalitie. I’m not the type of person who likes to sugar coats things and trust me, if it weren’t something dangerous I would throw him a chair right on his face so he could open his eyes and discover by himself (through the pain) how much I miss him… But… That’s not possible. Because, you know. He might end up suing me.

But that’s the image that I would use for this situation. You are more than free to download any of the images you like to use them and share them on whatssap or any other social website of your liking.

Phrases to help you express how much you miss your significant other

all the time

damn i miss you

i miss you and i can't help it

i miss you

My best advice when you miss someone, is to tell them. Don’t try to play it strong and ignore those feelings. With time, those feelings only become stronger and stronger and you might end up feeling pretty bad withyourself. Or worst, you could lose the oportunity with your crush. Be sincere.

Thoughtful quotes for a loved one who suffers cancer

Thoughtful quotes for a loved one who suffers cancer

Having the right words to comfort who suffers this terrible illness, is not something that we can take lightly. We have to make an extra effort into being considerate of the person feelings. Simple acts of kindness can help a great deal.

Being there to support them. Send them cards, flowers, giving them a call is something that will help them greatly. If you have a family member in this situation, my thoughts and prayers go to your loved one and family. It really isn’t something easy to deal with. But it’s not imposible to support a person who is going through this.

Thoughtful quotes for a loved one who suffers cancer

you are not your illness

believe you can do it

hardships often bring the best in us

the definition of courage

When my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, I did my best to schedule my job and have time to go visit her. If she wanted to eat sweets, I would buy her sweets. Anything she wanted and asked me for, I would do whatever I could to bring it to her. That’s my personal advice.

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