Nicolas Cage as a cat

Nicolas Cage as a cat Welp, this post gave me nightmares. I mean, I’m not Nicolas Cage biggest fan but I don’t hate him either. He’s been a famous meme star since… How long has it been? He’s just one of those actors that you feel that has always been there. Same with John Travolta (and that pulp fiction meme that has been floating around).

Now that I think about it, I don’t know him particulary for his movies. I know him for the tons of memes people has created for him. I can’t name a picture but, I have the feeling that he’s a nice guy. He won’t get mad at me just for that, right?

nicolas cage as a cat

poor cat

nicolas cage cat

nicolas cat

she said what

Is not like he needs my attention (notice me, Cage senpai)

Hope you don’t have nightmares after seeing this images! I know I will. And if it serves you any consolation, no kittens were harmed during the face swap process of this post.

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