Motivational messages to help you stop procrastinating

Motivational messages to help you stop procrastinating

People often makes jokes about how “fun” procrastinating can be. Some people even believe that, when they’re at the edge of a deadline they’re capable of working more effincetly. Honestly, I’m not here to judge anybody. If you feel that thats the time in which you work your best, I’m happy for you. Personally I believe that postponing things has many reasons.

Some can be because we feel scared and we don’t know how to approach the subject at hands, or perhaps is the contrary. We feel too secure about ourselves that we think, we can handle whatever we have in the last minute.

It’s true that sometimes, things can work just fine but we cannot live like that. Let’s face it, it’s a bad habit that prevent us from achieving greater things.

A note pinned to a cork board with the text Do It Now! Later Becomes Never!

do it now and move on

do it now

don't waste your time

now is time

So, let’s stop procrastinating. If we have to start a project, let’s do it now. If you have an exam to study, start now.

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