More pictures of delicious desserts

More pictures of delicious desserts Perhaps I’m a masochist but I just can’t help it. At the moment I’m writing this post, all the bakeries near my house are closed and yet, here I am. Talking about food and delicious desserts.

It’s just that, when I think how lucky I am to be able to eat, taste and enjoy a dessert I feel amazed. When I’m eating something delicous, I try to eat it slowly. Enjoy the moment and take my sweet time. I don’t like to rush into it, because if I do sometimes my tummy hurts. But when I take my time… I don’t know man, it’s just the way I like to eat. Personally, I think that when you really-really-really like something, you should feel free to make the moment last as long as you can. That way you’re able to enjoy it.

more pictures of delicious desserts

choco bananos with stars

strawberry pancakes with chocolate

this post gave me diabetes

strawberrys and kiwi covered in chocolate

And one thing is certain, this post gave me diabetes.

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