Memes you can use when asked stupid questions

Memes you can use when asked stupid questions The phrase “there are no stupid questions” is mostly used by people who doesn’t want others to feel bad for asking something, well, dumb. And that’s admirable, usually people is so used into making others feel bad that, being a little nice is considered weird (infact some people think you’re flirting with them when you’re just being nice, but that’s for another topic)

But there are times in which people do ask something extremely stupid. Like, it’s so obvious that I fell and it hurt and yes, that’s blood. Why do you ask if I’m ok? I’m obviously not.

Or the clasic one: Did you cut your hair? I mean, I understand that sometimes making conversation with someone can be a real challenge, but asking stupid questions may not be the best way to start.

memes you can use when asked stupid questions

a whole new level of dumb

there are no stupid questions

stupid questions

that'd be great

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