Loving someone but not being loved back quotes

Loving someone but not being loved back quotes Having our hearts being broken from someone we thought was a potential love interest, as devastating as this sounds, is not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that we will never find someone. Sadly sometimes, things are not meant to be.

The times I went through this, I tried to act like if everything was fine but that didn’t help me that much. I’m a firm believer that, if something is affecting you, you have to face the problem instead of acting like if everything is alright. When we do that, we’re basically just running away from our problems (in this case, from our feelings) and this will never help us to move on. If you feel sad because they don’t love you back, express it. Write something about it, let that sadness go… If you feel like crying, do it! Eventually and with time, you’ll feel much better and next thing you know, you’ve already moved on.

Loving someone but not being loved back quotes

someone that loves you won't confuse you

feeling invisible to the person you want to notice you the most

it hurts to not feel loved anymore

love is about sacrifice

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