Lovely pictures of kittens being adorable

Lovely pictures of kittens being adorable

I’ve been thinking about adopting a kitten. I read that the philosophy is quite similar to having a children. You need to provide proper care and training while they’re young. That will help them to be healthy and also well-adjusted adults.

One of the advices that I particulary have to agree with is that, you have to treat the kitten according to their age. The article explained that, just as a human infant posses different needs than a teenager, a kitten will have care requirements distinct from those of a fully matured cat.

Also, if you have a cat… and you’re a vegan, don’t push your diet on them. If you truly love your pet, you’ll let them eat what they need and what the vet tells you.

Lovely pictures of kittens being adorable




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I’ve read way too many stories of vegans forcing their pets to become vegan like them.

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