Love quotes to share with your loved ones

Love quotes to share with your loved ones Love is something so powerful that it’s easier to describe than to define it. Love is capable of making us a better person. Love is something worth fighting for. We can all find true love, it requires patience and faith. Never think that it’s too late for you, soon you’ll find someone right for you. And if you are already with someone, cherish that person. Do your best to make things work. If they don’t work, don’t give up or think that you’ll never experience it again. Never understimate your own capability of loving.

love quotes

we don't know what we're missing until we find it

what true love is about

you are everywhere i go

i love you because you make me a better person

If you liked a quote from this post, please share it with your friends. Always keep in mind that love is a beautiful virtue that every human (and even animals) are capable of showing. Can you imagine a world filled with love? It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? But we can all make that dream come true if we do our part.

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