Let’s fight against bullying

Let’s fight against bullying Bullying is a problem for everyone and we can all help to solve it. If you are a victim or you are being bullied, please remember that there is someone that loves you very much. That you are in this world for a greater reason. It’s true that words can harm our feelings, but they cannot define who we are. Seek help, don’t keep that for yourself. You don’t deserve the pain and suffering and you can be 100% sure that if you seek for help you’ll find it. You deserve to be happy, and never let anyone convice you otherwise.

let's fight agaisnt bullying

don't let other define who you are

if people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them

people throw rocks at things that shine

respect people's feelings

If you think this post can help anyone or cheer someone up, please share them. We can all fight against bullying together.

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