Is it really a bad thing saying “new year new me”?

Is it really a bad thing saying “new year new me”?

Hey guys! 2016 is finally over. For several people, that year was filled with happiness and good memories; meanwhile for others it wasn’t exactly a good year.¬†We lost several celebrities and lots of bad things around the planet occurred.

In any case, a new year means alot of things for others. It means a new and fresh start. I understand that some people get extremely upset with others saying “new year new me” but, to be honest I don’t understand why people take it so badly. I admire people who want to change and do something different with their lives. That requires alot of courage to do.

this-is-the-right-time you-can-start-over

Change is never easy but not impossible. It requires discipline and commitment.

Let’s say, for example. You want to improve your health. It requires that you leave out of your diet fast food and replace it with, vegetables and drinking more healthy things. Will it be easy? perhaphs…. But it won’t be enterily impossible.

One of the things that I’ve noticed that always helps me, is to imagine the positive ways that change will affect my life. That serves as a motivation and gives me the push that I need to do it. Why don’t you give it a try?


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