Inspiring words that helps us overcome failure

Inspiring words that helps us overcome failure

There will be times that we feel as if success is avoiding us like the plague. When that happens, is normal that one wants to give up, throw the towell and forget all about it. It’s understandable that we feel that way but, we cannot allow that our negative feelings take a decision for us.

Failing at something is not the end
. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Is the beggining. Is a way for us to understand the puzzle that it’s life. We can use it in our favor and try our best to improve, to learn and grow as a person.

Inspiring words that helps us overcome failure

only those who fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

success is the result of hard work

we have to face our fears

what perseverence is all about

People often say “Don’t give up” and they’re quite right. If we really want to achieve something in this life, giving up will never be the best answer. We have to try once, twice… All the times that are neccesary until we finally reach our destination.

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