Inspirational Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

Inspirational Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

There are people in this world that can mark the difference and we all know that Martin Luther King Jr. Is one of them. Without a doubt the things this man did helped a lot of people in the past and it’s also thanks to him, that a lot of people today are brave enough to fight for their rights.

It’s also important to remember what his main focus was, at the time he gave his speeches. What he wanted was never to promote whose stronger or better. What he wanted was to people to live their lives peacefully. To have a mutual respect and most of all, to not hate each other. Hate is the reason why there are so many bad things going on in this world and we have the power to eliminate it.

Inspirational Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

keep moving forward

love is the only force capable of transforming people

stick with love hate it's too much of a burden

darkness cannot drive out darkness

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