How to forget about someone?

How to forget about someone?

I’m pretty sure that at some point in our lives we’ve all asked ourselves that question. We wish there was some magical formula to do so… But sadly, it’s not that easy. What worked for others, might not work for us.

One thing is sure. If others had managed to move on with their lives and find happiness, so can we.

What helped me to move on with my life, was keeping myself busy. I read books, went out with my friends, started jogging, played video games…. And one day, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling sad nor broken anymore. It happened naturally and it was an amazing feeling.



So, don’t pressure yourself. You’ll have good and bad days. Normal days… And days in which you’d like to punch someone in the face.

What’s important is, to not lose faith in yourself. If a relationship didn’t work… it simply didn’t. Sometimes, what we want is not the best for us. We just have to come to terms with ourselves and learn how to deal with dissapointment. Sounds harsh, but in this life we’re going to face several dissapointments. And it’s important that we learn how to deal with them because after all, that’s also a big part of moving on.

And remember this: You’ll be ok.

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