Heart touching comfort quotes

Heart touching comfort quotes We all dream with the day we will no longer suffer. A day were we won’t hear any more of bad news. We need that so badly, because each day it’s a struggle. It’s either because of personal problems or because what we see or hear in the news.

All those things make us need something desperately and, that something is comfort. Never feel guilty for asking for a hug, company or simply someone to hold your hand. We all need someone to tell us that things are going to be alright, that we’re going to be ok.

heart touching comfort quotes

you are strong

you don't have to suffer alone

we all need somebody to talk

focus on what truly matters

I hope that at least one of this quotes is helpful for you. I don’t know what you may be suffering right now (it can be a break-up or something else) but whatever it is, I’d like you to know that here in imagines to brighten ur day, we wish you the best.

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