Funny perfectly timed cat images to download

Funny perfectly timed cat images to download

Aaaaaand friday is finally here! To conclude this week, we decided to stick with cats and funny images. We want to start the weekend with the right foot.

I was reading some interesting facts about cats over the internet. What did I found out? Well, let me share some gato facts with you. If you’re the human companion of a kitteh, I bet you already know that cats sleep 2/3 of the day and are more active during the nights.

Also, unlike dogs, cats don’t have a sweet tooth. Another curious fact about cats is that, female cats tend to be right pawed, while the males are more often to be left pawed.

Funny perfectly timed cat images to download

i'm a tiger fear me

strong kitteh

call me sir kitteh

eat this you dummy

Well, if you’re interested I’ll do my best to post more about cats.

Hope you’re able to enjoy your weekend. I’m planning on going to the movies… or perhaps just play video games.

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