Funny images for whatsapp to share and download

Funny images for whatsapp to share and download

There are silly things in life and then… This post was made! LOL ugh. I need to stop adding LOL to everything I say. It’s quite the bad habit you know? I’m sure that if you, like me, use whatsapp to chat with your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, family know my struggle…

And I even add it after I give a bad news. Let’s say: “Hey, my iPod stopped working again” “LOL”… I don’t know why I do that. Oh well, anyways! Today we’re sharing funny images to make you and others laugh (or smile at least).

Funny images for whatsapp to share and download

don't you just hate it when they don't

next gen poems will be like this

quite the challenge am i rite

you are the reason why i wake up

My favorite has to be the bluetooth image, the other one that I liked is the Next Gen Kiddie poem. Kids nowadays are so good with technology. They barely know how to walk but they sure know how to use your phone, tablet and other stuff.

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