Funny girl problems to share

Funny girl problems to share You know how people say when you’re having a bad time, to look on the bright side? HA! well… As annoying as that sounds, they’re right. If we take ourselves too seriously, we might end up feeling more frustrated with life in the first place.

Which is why is a good decision to make fun of our problems. Other times we might feel the need to slap our problems right across the face… But you know what they say! Violence is not the solution for our problems. Let’s laugh at them and move on.

funny girl problems to share

maybe i'm just dying and not on my period

nah girl you're good

when you sneeze on your period

you make me a sandwich

Or you can always dump your problems (if that choice exist of course). We hope you like this post! please feel free to use any of the images in it or share it on whatsapp or any other social network. And if life gives you lemons, juggle with them. It’s entertaining.

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