Funny expecation vs reality images to download

Funny expecation vs reality images to download

Weekend is finally here! I’m super happy. It’s true that I’ve been practically in bed this whole week, but as time goes by I’m feeling quite optimistic and way much better than last week.

I sure hope you have lots of fun during the weekend
. And to start with the right foot I decided to make a post dedicated to expecations vs reality. It’s a good thing that we laugh at this type of things. After all, the best way to begin with a weekend is with laughter.

Funny expecation vs reality images to download

puppy expectation vs reality

summer expectation vs reality

swimming expectation vs reality

expectation vs reality studying

Have a great weekend! if you’re planning on drinking, do it with responsability. Forgive me for sounding like a worried mother but, there’s been so many accicents that I would feel terrible if you became another victim.

At least take a cab or make sure a sober friend drives you home. Thanks for stopping by!

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