Funny cats looking annoyed

Funny cats looking annoyed There’s a popular saying that explains why cats exists. It says that God created them, so humans would know what it feels like to caress a tiger.

Cats are a majestic creatures; when they’re not looking at things (or us) with disgust… Truth be told, they can make the funniest expressions. From looking surprised to annoyed. Cat owners are pretty much aware of how important cats body language really is. You can tell a lot about their mood, by just watching the way their ears move, or even by the way they walk. And if your cat is giving you one of the following looks, it will be a good idea to stop what you’re doing to annoy him. That’s it, if you don’t want him to ignore you for the rest of the day.

funny cats looking disgusted

offended cat

that wasn't funny

what are you looking at

cat is plotting to end you

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