Funny cat poses to share

Funny cat poses to share Guys, I need to share a personal story with you. In my neighborhood there’s this beautiful orange cat that we all love. At night, I leave food for him because sadly, his owner has neglected him. Thing is, all the neighborhood loves him. I’m not the only one who gives him food or who has tried to adopt him… We all love him!

And he’s the sweetest thing. If you go near him, he’ll purr and let people pet him. And he’s so funny! He befriended a dog and loves to play with him. I really wish to adopt him, but when I’ve tried to take him into my place he just doesn’t like it, so I try to respect his freedom. My only wish is for him to be healthy and happy.

funny cat poses to share

funny cat poses

what did you say

cat strike a poke

i'm sexy and i know it

Do you have a cat? Or would you like to share a cat-story? Please leave a comment sharing your story. I’m a dog person but I also love cats. They’re so funny, cute and are amazing companions.

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