Funny cat face images when he’s sleeping

Funny cat face images when he’s sleeping

Today we present images of the adorable Setsu-chan. A cat from Japan that has a very unique sleeping face… You know how people say that, cats are elegant animals. Adorable and cute. Welp, Setsu chan is all that but also, the face he makes when he’s sleeping is quite… Something.

I showed some of the images to one of my friends, and he inmediately told me that the cat was sick but in all honestly, I don’t think he is. His furr is beautiful and you can obviously tell his owner takes proper care of him. It’s just that, some cats are graceful and some aren’t. And I’m glad Setsu chan isn’t that because that makes him more special.

Funny cat face images when he's sleeping

funny cat sleeping face

he's beautiful when he's asleep

setsu chan it's his name


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