For guys: quotes when you’re dealing with rejection

For guys: quotes when you’re dealing with rejection Rejection is difficult for both men and women. The way we deal with it speaks volumes about our personality. Some people say that falling inlove is kinda like a gamble, and in some aspects they’re right. You can either win or lose.

But what can we do when the object of our affection makes it clear that she’s not into us? As heartbreaking as it is, we can only move on. We cannot cling to a person who doesn’t loves us back because we would only make ourselves miserables.

for guys quotes when you're dealing with rejection

a clear rejection is better than a fake promise

the moment you realize you're not her type

they type of reply says a lot about the girl

you can tell a lot by the way a woman walks

Have no fear! rejection is not 100% a bad thing. You were brave enough by telling her how you feel, and that’s just great. Take this situation with a grain of salt and learn from it. Soon enough you’ll find another person who will truly love you the way you deserve. We hope this post was useful for you!

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