Expectation vs reality part II

Expectation vs reality part II I’ve been a victim of all the following expectation vs reality images in here. You think sleeping with your dog is comfortable? HA! Think again my friend. I am the happy owner of a beautiful dog and when she sleeps with me, she takes over of my bed. There been times when I wake up in the middle of the night, just to notice that I’m in a corner, while she’s sleeping on her back without a care in the world.

There had also been times that I try to look (notice the word try) good at the beach, but I never do. I always fail.

Truth, we’ve all been victims of the having high expectations.

expectation vs reality part II

make up tutorials

showering at the beach

when you're asleep

smiling at the camera

And just a tiny reminder, is not a bad thing to have expectations. Just try that your imagination doesn’t run wild with them because if you let your imagination loose, you’ll probably feel dissapointed at the end.

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