Expectation vs reality…. Has never been more depressing

Expectation vs reality… Has never been more depressing I remember when I used to love going out with my friends and hit the Karaoke bar. Man! those where fun days. We would sing to our hearts contents and feel good about ourselves… But all that changed (at least for me) the day I heard myself singing (If that can even be considered singing)… It was just awful.

It has a big hit for me haha but what am I supossed to do? Stop singing? God no! At least I don’t torture people in karaoke bars anymore, but I love to sing even if I suck really bad. So I won’t stop.

expectation vs reality has never been more depressing

expectation when i smile

how i think i sound

spider bite

weekends expectation vs reality

That’s my story and I hope you liked it! If you didn’t I won’t blame. But at least it’s not like I made a video about a song so bad that went viral and thousands of people had to see it and laugh at me. Right?

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