Expectation vs Reality funny pics

Expectation vs Reality funny pics We cannot control having high expectations… Well, that’s a lie. We can but it’s way almost impossible to do it. Perhaps some of us expected this year to bring some changes in our lives, like finding a better job, getting together with our crush or at least, improving our grades in school… Whatever that is that you were expecting and it didn’t turn as you wished, what can you do?

Laugh. Honestly, that’s the best way to handle the disapointment. Sometimes we just have to stop and not take ourselves too seriously, because if we did did the risk of bitterness ruining our lives is higher.

expectation vs reality funny pics

hot chocolate expecation vs reality

not going to facebook for a week

shaving my head

you can't deny this

Do you agree that sometimes our expectations are way better than the reality of things? Hope you liked this post. You’re free to share it with your friends or use any of the images from above. Thanks for visiting!

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