Don’t let anger weigh you down images

Don’t let anger weigh you down images People often confuse people with anger problems as people with a “cool attitude” or refer to them as someone with a “strong personality” but I believe that the people who cannot control their anger, are weak.

Before you get mad at me, hear me out. Being controlled by our emotions and feelings is what makes us weak. Supose that by accident, someone spills coffee on. How would you react? Will you yell at this person or will you try to remain calm and composed? What I’m trying to say by this is that, depending on the type of reaction we have it will determinate if we have self-control or not.

don't let anger weigh you down images

even the nicest people have their limits

feeling angry gif

how do you feel today

just breath

And yes, I’m not perfect. There’s been lots of times in which my anger won and got the best of me. I’m not proud of that at all, but I learned from those experiences.

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