Crazy things you see at walmart part III

Crazy things you see at walmart part III While I’m trying to keep myself busy and avoiding Star Wars spoilers like the plague, I decided to make another post of crazy and insane things you CAN ONLY SEE AT WALMART.

The moment you think you’ve seen everything and BAM! I think some of the people who go there, have a goal in mind. They want to become the most weirdest thing to hit the internet. Oh, believe me! They know other people are watching, they crave the attention. They need the attention! If they don’t get recognition, they might just… I dunno, they won’t die because obviously nobody in their life has ever died from that… But they might not like not getting all the attention.

Crazy things you see at walmart part III

planet walmart

this makes me feel determinated to improve my looks

walmart rascal kid that's not how you do it lady

are they wearing the same shorts

Kudos to all that people! If you’re having problems starting a conversation with someone, mention them how crazy walmart can be and problem solved.

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