Crazy things you see at walmart part II

Crazy things you see at walmart part II I don’t about you but for me, walmart can be a scary place. If you go there, don’t forget your camera (you can always use the one in your cellphone) and take some pictures. I know they have a dress code and all that, but sometimes I do wonder if people just need attention.

Honestly, I like that idea. After all, it’s normal that from time to time a person gets a little lonely. I like to think that nobody in their sane state of mind would want strangers to take pictures of them just because. Perhaps is a social experiment? I don’t know. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

crazy things you see at walmart part II

funny walmart picture part II

how to tell if you're near a walmart

wal mart kart double dash

meanwhile at walmart

Or not. We live in a crazy world after all. Hope this images made you laugh! If you think they might make someone else laugh please share them.

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