Comforting quotes about losing a dog to download

Comforting quotes about losing a dog to download I’ve been avoiding this topic for so long. You can’t imagine how difficult is for me to open up my heart and talk about my beautiful dogs that have passed away. But then I thought, that talking about this not only works as a healing process… Maybe this will help other people that are going through this depressing experience.

Several weeks after my dog Sugar died, I tried my best to not be at home. Everything reminded me of her. It was so difficult for me because, I wasn’t able to stand seeing a photograp of her… Because it brought way too many memories. Memories that became a treasure.

With time, my mother gave me the biggest surprise. She gave me a new puppy. You have no idea of how much I cried when I met her. I cannot explain but I felt so much happines… I remember that after Sugar passed away I told my best friend that I would never love another puppy as much as loved her, and I was right. That love cannot be compared because both are different. What I discovered was that, I was able to love again.

Comforting quotes about losing a dog to download

fond memories

if you have loved many dogs you have a big heart

loss of a pet

all that we love deeply becomes a part of us

I hope this post helps you! If I could, I would hug you. I know how painful is to lose a pet.

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