Beautiful thoughts that will lift your spirits

Beautiful thoughts that will lift your spirits There can be times that we feel like nobody notice our existence and it can be quite depressing. But seriously, we have to drop the emo act and fight for our own happiness. NOBODY ELSE WILL! And nobody else should.

We only live once and we have to fill our head and hearts of things that are good for us. Things that make us happy and inspire us to become a better person. Someone out there loves us unconditionally and it’s something that we should be thankful.

Beautiful thoughts that will lift your spirits

don't limit yourself to the sky

we were born to be real

An open book with blank white pages

all endings are also beginnings

Do you like this post? I sure hope you do. I’m always trying to keep this blog positive. There are already too many bad things going on in this world, that I think it’s important to spread nice thoughts.

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