Autocorrect makes normal conversations awkward

Autocorrect makes normal conversations awkward If you say that you’ve never had any problems with autocorrect, forgive me for saying this but you’re a liar liar pants on fire. We all have suffered from it at one point in our lives.

If the “correction” is made with someone you’re familiar with, things can be funny and there isn’t a big problem. But what if the other person is someone you have a crush on? or a teacher? coworker? You’ll feel like throwing your phone against the wall, find a hole and crawl your way in it.

autocorrect makes normal conversations awkward

funny autocorrects


love you babe


This post convinced me to disable that function. I rather type the whole word than risking my chances with my SO. I mean, I’m already awkward enough as it is and I’m convinced that autocorrect won’t help me or make thing easier.

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