Amazing baby owl images to share and download

Amazing baby owl images to share and download

I was reading an article about owls that inspired me to make this post. They’re well known for being solitary and nocturnal birds of prey. They possess an amazing binocular vision, sharp talons that aid when they’ve got to caught a prey and their feathers are adapted for silent flights. HOW COOL IS THAT?

They hunt small mammals, other birds and insects. Some owl species are able to hunt fish. I think that, the more we know about animals… The more we will feel the obligation to protect them and respect their enviroment.

What I also admire of this beautiful creatures, is their hunting strategy. Basically, it all depends on stealth and surprise.

Amazing baby owl images to share and download

adorable baby duck and baby owl

owls are amazing creatures

please love me

this image is too adorable

I will never forget the day I first saw an owl. His head did a 360 degree turn and I couldn’t stop talking about with my older brother. Owls are without a doubt, my favorite bird species.

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