A comma makes a difference

A comma makes a difference Who would have thought that a single and innocent comma would ever make such a difference in one sentence? A comma has the power to change a whole idea and it’s because of that, that it’s so important for us to know when and how to use them.

You can always google it but, I’d like to give you at least three tips that you can use, whenever you have doubts regarding the proper use of a comma.

First: to separate the elements in a series
Second: Use a comma plus a little conjunction (and, or, yet, nor) to connect two independent clauses
Third: Separate coordinate adjectives

And this are only a few situations in which you need to use a comma.

a comma makes the difference

don't you dare

school too easy for kids

too much information

unable to eat what

I tried to make this post funny (by using the images) and also productive by offering a few tips. As I mentioned before, there are more circumstances that you have to keep in mind when using a comma.

We hope you liked this post!

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