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Memes you can use when asked stupid questions

Memes you can use when asked stupid questions The phrase “there are no stupid questions” is mostly used by people who doesn’t want others to feel bad for asking something, well, dumb. And that’s admirable, usually people is so used into making others feel bad that, being a little nice is considered weird (infact some […]

A comma makes a difference

A comma makes a difference Who would have thought that a single and innocent comma would ever make such a difference in one sentence? A comma has the power to change a whole idea and it’s because of that, that it’s so important for us to know when and how to use them. You can […]

Expectation vs Reality funny pics

Expectation vs Reality funny pics We cannot control having high expectations… Well, that’s a lie. We can but it’s way almost impossible to do it. Perhaps some of us expected this year to bring some changes in our lives, like finding a better job, getting together with our crush or at least, improving our grades […]

Love quotes from movies

Love quotes from movies There are so many ways we can show someone that we love them. It can be a little detail, a gift, remembering something important for them, taking care of our special someone when they’re sick and sharing their happy moments… If you think about it carefully, you´ll discover more ways to […]

Unusual animal friendships

Unusual animal friendships We can learn so much from animals. The bonds they’re capable to create with other animals under different circumstances, can be inspiring, melt our hearts and make us reconsider the concept we had of friendship. You’ll find lots of stories about them, but one in particular touched my heart. It’s the story […]

Crazy things you see at walmart part I

Crazy things you see at walmart part I We all have weird days and if you’re planning in going to walmart to buy something, prepare yourself. And it’s not that walmart is a bad a place, not at all. But some of the people who go there are kinda peculiar. I mean, is not like […]

What kindness is all about

What kindness is all about There are times that we out of place, like if we don’t belong anywhere. As humans, we all have a need to be part of something. We believe that, a good way to be part of something is by being kind to others. Sadly, we live in a world surrounded […]

Sarcastic quotes with attitude

Sarcastic quotes with attitude Sarcasm is defined as “the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Personally I believe that sarcasm can be something like a double edged sword. It can get the […]

Funny pics about turkeys

Funny pics about turkeys Turkeys are among the largest birds in their ranges and are also known for the funny sound they make. If you’re familiar with the song Old McDonald had a farm you’ll know what sound we are reffering to. Not a clue? Well, it’s the famous “Gobble, gobble“. During this time of […]

Pics to restore your faith in humanity

Pics to restore your faith in humanity Ever so often, people criticize others for taking pictures while their doing a random act of kindness. From my humble perspective, I don’t see this as a bad thing at all, quite the contrary. I see this as an opportunity to inspire others to do nice for things. […]

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