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Let’s fight against bullying

Let’s fight against bullying Bullying is a problem for everyone and we can all help to solve it. If you are a victim or you are being bullied, please remember that there is someone that loves you very much. That you are in this world for a greater reason. It’s true that words can harm […]

We can all have a successful life

We can all have a successfull life It’s true that success does not come easy and sometimes, we can all feel overwhelmed with what’s happening around us. But it’s important to never give up and keep on beliving in ourselves. Sometimes, the problems can be real and sometimes they can only exist inside our heads. […]

Compassion can define who we are

Compassion can define who we are. Animals are a source of happiness in our daily lives. Had you ever heard of the saying “I don’t trust in people who doesn’t like dogs?” you’ll be surprised of how true those words are. Which is why, when humans shows compassion towards animals, it’s easier to trust in […]

phrases that are proof that life is great

Phrases that are proof that life is great. We often feel alone in this world, even if it’s so easy to communicate with others thanks to the internet and other media. Which is why is so important to remember that life is something that we have to appreciate every single day. Even when we have […]

Positivity gives you life

Positivity gives you life. We can all become victims of our own feelings and emotions, but have no fear we can face those demons. Attack them with a heavy dosis of positivity. Don’t let your emotions take over your mind, fight them every day if necessary. Once you are able to handle your feelings, you […]

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